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slip into silk, silt, sediment


a reverie as familiar as water on skin

holding us as we hold it
in whimsical droplets and rushing torrents

vapor dances off of you
while stratus falls as crystals
melting in the valleys of our collarbones

prismatic perpetual pools
we are made in the grief tides of memory

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En Route Productions presents a new dance piece by BLipSWiTCH and Alexa Capareda

at Rain Lily Farm.


Join us

August 31 - September 3

September 7 - September 10

8:30 pm

Sunday 11th 8:30 pm Show Added !

If you have a ticket for a show that was cancelled due to rain and would like a refund or would like to reschedule, please go through En Route's Eventbrite Page.


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